Tax Checks for Taxi & Private Hire drivers (PCO)

If you’re applying for or renewing a licence for a taxi, private hire, or scrap metal, you may need to complete a tax check. This ensures that you are registered for tax and have fulfilled your tax obligations. You will still need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return, this is seperate.

What is a Tax Check?

A tax check confirms your tax registration status and asks about how you pay taxes on the income you earn from your licensed trade. This includes Uber and Lyft drivers and riders.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Government Gateway User ID and password. (If you don’t have this you can get one here )
  2. Information about your licence.
  3. When you first obtained the licence.
  4. The length of your most recent licence.

What Next?

  1. Use your Government Gateway User ID and password to access the tax check portal.
  2. Answer the questions accurately and truthfully.
  3. Once you complete the tax check, you’ll receive a 9-character code known as the tax check code.
  4. Provide this tax check code to the licensing authority along with your licence application. They require it to process your application.

Note: Tax check codes expire after 120 days. If you make a new licence application after this period, you’ll need to complete a new tax check.

Applying for Multiple Licences:

If you’re applying for multiple licences of the same type (e.g., taxi driver licences), you can use the same tax check code for all applications.

However, if you’re applying for different types of licences (e.g., private hire driver and private hire vehicle operator), you must complete a tax check for each one.

Licence Extension and Expiry:

– In some cases, your existing licence may be extended until a final decision is made on your licence application.

– If you fail to provide a valid tax check code to the licensing authority, your licence will expire either 28 days after the request or on the expiry date, whichever is later.


– You must carry out tax checks personally. You cannot have a tax agent or adviser do it for you.

– If you’re a partner applying on behalf of a partnership, you’ll need to complete a tax check for yourself. Your licensing authority will inform you if other partners need to complete the check.

What about my Self-Assessment tax return?

Maintain accurate records of your income, expenses, and tax-related documents. This includes keeping track of fares, tips, receipts for expenses, and any other relevant financial records. Good record-keeping helps you complete tax checks accurately.

Once you are ready to file your return call us on 0207 088 8141 and we will basically take it from there! (For a small fee of course!)

The average price for a Self-Assessment tax return for an Uber driver for example is £249

What our clients say!

"Ricardo was really helpful with my initial queries and his efficiency in handling my self assessment was greatly appreciated. I feel much more confident knowing my affairs are being handled by someone with the knowledge of the system and Ricardo even helped with liaising with HMRC on the phone to clear up some issues that occured. Overall great service and will most certainly continue to use his services. Once again thank you for your help!"
"We moved from our old accountants and Mr Liburd handled everything for us. Honest & transparent, efficient & professional. Much happier with the service we are now getting. I would highly recommend Liburd Gallagher."
"Ricardo was ever so helpful in helping me prepare to start my own business. A wealth of information, providing information about tax, self assessment, a useful advice to get started. Greatly appreciated!"
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"I used this company for accounting and bookkeeping services. They also sorted out my VAT problem with mtd. Talked to hmrc on my behalf and got everything straightened out. Top accountancy firm."
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